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For the maintenance and development of the database in this website we would be grateful for a contribution through the secured site Pay Pal; click the button !

Starting from this year you can pay your prescription to the AENA, ASBL magazine by using the secured site PayPal in Internet. This is a method of payment used in Ebay. If you never have used this type of payment, all you have to do is to identify yourself to Pay Pal through your credit card.

The General Assembly, held 6 March 2004, fixed the tariffs for membership and prescriptions starting from January 1st 2005 as follows:

BENELUX ( Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg) – normal member: 30 euro

BENELUX (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg) – protective member starting from 60 euro


FRANCE – normal member 35 euro

FRANCE – protective member starting from 70 euro


OTHER COUNTRIES – normal member 40 euro

OTHER COUNTRIES – protective member starting from 80 euro