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AENA, ASBL, convinced of the need for a database for Cavalier and King Charles Spaniels with french interface, if possible, has been collecting different sources making it possible to publish the first issue in this site (24th November 2004)

We must give credit to different persons who have done a monastic order in investigating, collecting and verifying the information, in the first place Miss Alix DURUPT (kennel “Of Pretty Kings”), who edited a CD-ROM with abt. 23.000 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, mainly french; published in format .doc; there is access to the files through Microsoft Word; no search interface.

The french breedclub , C.E.N.A. more specific the whole team working on the development of the french Book of Champions.

For the King Charles Spaniel we render thanks to Mrs. Ankie van den Berg-Hage who has been collecting King Charles Spaniel pedigrees in her own database, containing over 17.000 dogs at the moment (this database will be put online soon : done !)

We also collected information from english and american sites, english and american, as well as from our own pedigrees and those belonging to our friends.

On 25/12/2004 we put online Frimousses Calines, Mottard des Joyeux Cavaliers, Urfee de la Closerie Sandwill as well as a partial database coming from Cavalier Online; totally 30184 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels...

In this case the database has been redcued to the minimum to make sure it can handle everything you ask from it Pedigree Server with all the options we can get from Jim Trethewey' scripts .

The database is giving access through a common interface

We advise you to limit yourself to 5 generations; in this case the system works optimal and printing will be good on every printer. But the security scripts permit to get 10 generations without problems.

Our server supports the complete site; nothing will be sent to your computer.


Several articles have been published in our clubmagazine regarding the affected history of these spaniels. Below a summary of these articles :

Remember that these articles remain the property or their author; they were made available for you to read. Every way of copying or use elsewhere needs permission; you can write to the WebMaster. Nothing may be published without his written consent. Everything in french.

Articles regarding the history of english spaniels:

- History of King Charles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (french)

Articles regarding nutrition (french):

- Natural Nutrition

- Industrial Nutrition

- A different feeding method ... : ad libitum

- A dangerous nutrition: chocolat ?

Articles regarding genetics in King Charles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (french):

- Colourinheritance in King and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

- Different breedingmethods, personal thoughts

- Genetic glossary

Various articles (french):

- A young artist : Angie

- The European Passport : everybody has to know !

- The editors english spaniels

- A common illness in dogs: the canine herpes virus

- A real pleasure for our english spaniels: Agility !

Special King (2006) english version

Summary from The Special King, all articles you can find in this special

Edito from The Special !

Folic Acid ! ,the reason why you shoud use folic acid for your kennel !

Ad Memoriam : Mollie Castle (kennel Oakridge)

Special King in France : Kennel La Rivièroise ,Our second article about this beautiful kennel from France

Just A Dog !!!

Berry vom Alten vom Mussenberg, by Ankie van den Berg-Hage, this beautiful stud dog from Netherlands

Be a Member : Howto !, yes you can be a member and receive the AENA quaterly books ...

Import of King Charles Spaniel to Norway !, From Marit Veit and the Gorgeous Kings ...

coming soon : other articles like :

Toys and Their Ancestor's (Neville-Lytton), Ankie's notes.

Pedigrees : the AENA's Database for King Charles Spaniels

Special King in Sweden,

Special King in Belgium,


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