Despite all our verifications we cannot give any guarantee about the informations in the present databases.


This site is a service by AENA, ASBL, Les Amis des Epagneuls Nains Anglais : this personnel site has been developped with love and enthusiasm without support from any assocation or breedclub. It is in a way our contribution to the support and development of these wonderful breeds, also called English Spaniels.

We do not have any commercial interest; we just want to bring these breeds under the attention of a bigger public.

The information in the database has not been ratified by any authority and will be distributed that way.

There is no guarantee about the exactness of the information in the database. For every other information you can visit AENA, ASBL, les Amis des Epagneuls Anglais at the address: Site AENA .


We must repeat here our expression of thanks to :

- Miss Alix DURUPT, who has done research in numerous french Cavalier King Spaniel pedigrees.

- The french breedclub, C.E.N.A. and more precisely the team working on the french Championbooks.

- For the King Charles Spaniels many thanks to Mrs. Ankie van den Berg-Hage, who has been collecting the King Charles Spaniel pedigrees in her own database, which contains over 14.000 dogs at the moment (this database will be on the site soon : done !)

- Other sources, outside our own investigations after Cavaliers in England, English Site , as well as USA Site CavaliersOnline Site, the latest one more specific for the verification of other sources in connection to the quality of the available databases.

- Without all these supports a work like this would be quite impossible !

- Also thanks to Jim Trethewey whose scripts are really marvellous; we won’t forget the distribution SME and Grand Pa of course

- Finally a special place in this gallery for my beloved wife, who is finding ways to support the long hours I spent in front of the computer... ... ...


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