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 Infos site 

Introduction and General Information.

Where did it come from?

A.E.N.A. ASBL, convinced of the necessisity of a database for English Spaniels in french, has brought together different sources to make it possible to publish a first issue in this site (24 Novembver 2004).

In this case, the database is reduced to the minimum to make sure that it can handle the work it has been asked to do , Pedigrees Server with all possible options you may expect from Jim Trethewey’s script.

The database is giving access through a common interface

We advise you to limit yourself to 5 generations; in this case the system works optimal. But the server can deliver pedigree with up to 10 generations (we limit it to - )

Our server supports the complete site; nothing will be sent to your computer.

For virtual E-cards and links in html pages see FAQs.

If you are having difficulties, look at exemples for a better understanding ! (in french for the moment ...)

Functions / Navigation

The funcions of the database will be explained but easy to feel or understand.

Start your selection with a complete word coming from a prefix or the name of a dog or a part of this word; you will obtain a list with searchresults. Every dog in this list can easily be found due to the links.

- his pedigree (with or without links), Note "without links" you can see the pictures of the parents !

- information regarding his weddings, already affectuated in the database (which shows you among others his parents, brothers and sisters and all known direct discendants,

- A reverse pedigree which shows you all dogs descending from him,

- Finally a very useful function: the pre-wedding test allowing you to construct a future pedigree with all ancestors.

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