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Howto & F.A.Q.

Un Howto in english en anglais et Howto en français en français sont disponibles. Nous y rassemblerons toutes vos questions concernant l'utilisation de ce Wiki ainsi que la recherche des Chiens , des Eleveurs, des propriétaires ou des Affixes ainsi que quelques pages spécifiques comme les chiens ayant vécus (et ayant reproduits) durant la seconde guerre mondiale (WWII), Les "Warriors", ils constituent un étranglement au sens Génétique des populations, d'autres pages seront ajoutées comme les chiens les plus influents de chaque race comme par exemple Most Influential KCS chez les King Charles Spaniels, mais aussi les Interbreds indiquant une partie des "Common ancestors" ou ancètres communs, les débuts du Club du Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (encore non officiel à l'époque...) en 1926 avec le Prix Eldridge Roswell etc....

A Howto in english and Howto in french exist. We will add there all questions regarding the use of this wiki, the search of Kennels, Dogs, Breeders and owners for which we have pages in this wiki or as The Warriors which are dogs born around the second world war (WWII) and are really a strangle for both breeds, we will add pages for "Most Influent Dogs" by breed like Most Influential KCS Keep in mind the Interbreds which are a part of the "Common ancestors" of the breds Ckcs and KCS/ETS , the begin of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (unofficial club at this time ...) in 1926 with the Eldridge Roswell Prize etc...

A.E.N.A. Wiki for Cavalier King Charles and King Charles Spaniel

This is the wiki for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and King Charles Spaniel. This wiki was set up mid 2012, juste before Ankie decided to set her own version of the KCS Database online at Zooeasy.

Objectif : compile a maximum of data on both breeds (not only numbers but also pictures and articles about the breeds).

Why a wiki on both breeds ?

Because A.E.N.A. (les Amis des Epagneuls Nains Anglais, asbl) is an association for both Cavaliers and King Charles Spaniels,

Because both breeds have common ancestors,

Even if there are differences in their morphology they also have many in common.

Most data from this wiki are coming or are calculated using two databases, the King Charles Spaniel's database maintained until september 2012 by Ankie van den Berg/en, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's database maintained by Didier Houbrechts.

This wiki is the essential complement of the pedigree website (

Many Sources will be used in this wiki : sources , we will try to update this page with links to the websites.


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